Project : KITCHEN in -A-CTION: Conscious NUTRITION.

Who are we: Activists for the Education on Organic Nutrition and its Practice.

Our aim is to spread the knowledge of modern Ecology and share experiences in the field of organic agriculture, medical plants and other species for then practicing in the kitchen.

Food is everyday less natural and more contaminated by toxic products. Junk food is everyday more present in our society and always more astutely infused with new chemicals hard to detect but mostly carcinogenic.

We need to recover the sovereignty on the food we eat and proving the effective importance of taking over the education on and the common use of organic food without chemicals.

Making people aware of the existence of alternatives for living better by being aware of what we eat.

And we’re doing it already !!!!! Getting our food directly from the producers without the “help” of any distributors of the supermarket chains, processing & cooking it with method and serving it directly on your table.

We work as a catering service open to private weekly food apportion, special celebrations and/or events like fairs, open air markets, expositions or presentations and conferences with numerous guests.

We are prepared for cooking integrals organics plates in markets’ stands and in different spaces at the open air or inside, like terraces,warehouses, shops or private homes.

As a single family-nucleus as well you can count on our service “WE Cook @ YourS”, an exclusive service in which we will bring with us at your home kitchen all the previously selected products, for than starting cooking and preparing the menu, with your assistance if you want to learn the process and than being able to do it by yourself.

We offer different kinds of menus in which we integrate medical plants and use selected ingredients:

-for vegetarian or vegan diets,

-for celiacs,

-for diabetics,

-for hyper-tense people,

-for babies.


(min. 2 people) 4eur/pers, with small variations depending on the requests, we do offers for groups and weekly menus (Packs “From Monday to Friday” with 2 deliveries per week, for who’s busy at work all day!) WE ACCEPT A 20% OF THE VALUE PAYED BY ECOS(social currency of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana).


If you are interested please contact us through:;

or call Mob. 662286322,

More health and proper food for everybody!

The_ Conscious Nutrition Collective_


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